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Monday, September 11, 2006

Easily Make Wallpapers for your Phone

You may have noticed the lack of updates to this blog in the last couple of weeks. Well, rest assured that I wasn't letting my guard down, nor have I stopped working for you, kind reader. For in the last two weeks I have been working on a website that will take all the complication out of the most humdrum and mundane of tasks--cropping, resizing, and transferring wallpapers to your phone. It'll even send the wallpaper to you as a picture message (which Verizon will charge you 25 cents for if you don't have a picture messaging plan).

Follow the simple instructions, and quickly and easily create 176x184 wallpapers and images of the ideal size for your VX8300's display. (It'll also make wallpapers for dozens of other phones.) All the instructions are explained right there on the site, so I might as well send you straight there. Be warned, however, that site can still be considered Beta, so not all the kinks have been worked out. Please email me any bugs, questions, and suggestions, as these would be very helpful at this stage.

Without further ado, I present the Hellaphone Wallpaper Maker.

Update: Ok, the site's been up all day now, and I know people have been using it, but I haven't heard a word of feedback. Anyone? How's it working?
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LG Stereo Headphone Adapter

Here's another one from the reader mailbag. Anonymous writes in to ask:
I bought a 2.5 to 3.5 mm (Editor's note: this should read 3.5 to 2.5mm) adapter so I can play WMAs through wired accessories (earbuds, FM xmitter etc.)
BUT I only get right channel sound, and when I plug into the phone, the CONTACT(!) list comes up on the front display.
I suspect it thinks I plugged in a 2way earpiece, and that the left ch. is waiting for mic. input.
Is there some trick wiring in the earbuds that Verizon sells, and can I duplicate it to make the phone jack put out stereo sound???
Dear Anonymous,

You'll need to find a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter with three black bands, not two (indeed, the phone uses the fouth conductor for a microphone). Once you find one, you have to push it in not quite all the way (it will still be snug, however), and you will hear full stereo sound. These four conductor adapters are pretty hard to find. Your best bet is probably eBay, where I got mine. Try a search like "lg headphone adapter" and you'll be fine as long as the picture shows a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter with three, not two, black bands around the plug. (UPDATE: This adapter from Amazon should also work. UPDATE 2: Reader Dash Metro writes in to confirm that this adapter works, but the Left and Right stereo channels are reversed. If you don't think you'd notice the difference, this product should be fine.)

If you have an adapter with only two black bands, such as the ones sold at Radio Shack, you can try pulling it out partially, but it falls out easily and I believe you will only hear mono sound, but through both channels. This is not recommended.

Oh, and I'm not really sure why the Recent Calls list pops up when you plug in headphones.


PS: Would people mind leaving their names from now on when they leave comments? Just click "Other" and type in a name, I don't really care if it actually is yours, it just gets tiring to see Anonymous after Anonymous after Anonymous ad nauseum. Thanks. :)
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